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Hi everyone,

And welcome!!!

My name is Chiara and this is my brand new student-blog.

Chiara’s Studies is an idea and a project that has been waiting in the back of my mind for a while, and I decided that, if I really wanted it, I was going to have to actually put in the work for it.

Although it’s true that I’m a lover of being productive and fighting for what I want, it is also true that taking even the smallest of steps out into the open for everyone to see can be scary and difficult. Making up countless excuses not to do it, however, turns out to be all too easy.

But with the summer came the time necessary to set everything up, and with my passion for this project still going strong, all my excuses have run out. So here we are:


In Chiara’s Studies you can expect to read about my life as a student, which not only means that you'll read about my studies, but you’ll also read about: student jobs, how to balance work and leisure, how to stay active, going after the lifestyle you want (without spending too much), and the transition from student life to work life.

Chiara’s Studies is a safe place where I can share my experiences and try to help others striving to reach their goals in life. I hope to be able to motivate and inspire others in the same way that I was motivated and inspired by other people online (in particular I’d like to mention “Studyign”, the first one to inspire me, and Thomas Frank and his “College Info Geek”… thank you!).

I’m in no way an expert on anything in particular, I’m just an average girl like you who happens to be crazy enough to write down her experiences, successes, and failures online for the whole world to see. I’d love to be seen more as a friend who loves to help out, and wants to remind people to believe in themselves.

Ultimately, my aim is to take control of my life. I want to chase my dreams, but a part of that involves helping other people who are in a similar situation along the way.

Let me know in the comments what you’re expecting from this blog, and if you’re as excited as I am to start this journey together!

I’m ready to rule my life, are you?

Un grande abbraccio


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