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Ruling your life... at the beach!

Relaxing? Absolutely yes! Staying productive? Also!

Do you know that sensation, when you come back from your holiday, of a desperate need… for another holiday?

Our life during summer break at home or wherever we might be for an internship, is not quite the same of our life while we’re on holiday, maybe enjoying the sun in front of the sea. That time is fully dedicated to relax. And that is exactly what I’ve always done: just forgetting all the rest and going fully into holidays mode. However I noticed that this worked perfectly if it was only 1 week vacation… but when I am lucky enough to leave for 2 or more weeks this caused that terrible sensation of overwhelming once back.

This year I’m so lucky to spend a whole month at the seaside, and I have no intention to lose all the progress made till now, but I have no intention to give up a single second of relax. Here are some of my tips, to stay on track, continuing ruling your life while fully relaxing ready to regenerate ourselves for the next year and not come back and get more stressed than when we left!

- Audiobooks, podcasts and audiobooks again. I don’t know about you but I love sunbathing. If you love it too, you know how reading books while trying to sunbath is not always the best combo. This year I started listening to audiobooks and podcasts, and a whole world opened up to me! I think this is the best way, and it’s absolutely my favourite way to feel productive and enjoy the summer weather. Plus, I noticed that listening to an interesting book instead of normal music also makes sure I don’t fall asleep avoiding embarrassing and painful sunburns. Lately I’ve been listening to the audiobook version of “High Performance Habits” by Brandon Burchard, and I love it. Share any suggestions you have… I can’t wait to start the next one!

- Adapt your workout routine. This summer is insanely hot, and if you have chosen somewhere normally warm too, the temperature might just not let you workout in the normal hours you’re used to. What I like doing is either working out very early in the morning, before the sun is too up in the sky (between 6:30 and 8) or later in the evening, at sunset time. I honestly prefer in the morning, I am sure not to have anything else organised with my friends at that time, and it helps me keeping up with becoming a morning person… even if not every day of the week.

- Still keep a to-do list if necessary. Spending a whole month a way, I can’t even think about not checking my emails at all, for example, and certain things might still need to be done. I don’t really use my planner like I do during the year, but I have a small notebook where I can write the date and a short list of things to remember so I keep track of them and nothing important is left behind. I also choose a time, usually when I know I wouldn’t be doing anything else anyway. When I wake up early this will be in the morning, as I usually go to the seaside in the afternoon anyway, while during a day after a night out, it might be just after lunch.

These are my favourite and simple ways to relax and enjoy my time off, while still not lose completely track of my life back in the real world. So I can come back well rested but ready to go, without starting all over again!

Do you have any routine you keep up during holidays or any tips to share? Let me know in the comments!

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