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Create your timetable for the new academic year

How to get ready for the new academic year - part 2

Ok September is here. Which means the start of our classes is almost here too. The only thing that doesn’t make me panic around this time of the year is knowing I’m organised and ready for what will come, and I’m not diving into the unknown. Essentially, it’s time to create our timetable.

This is how I do it.

1. Know your uni timetable. Timetables can vary a lot between different subjects: there are courses that are truly full time, and courses with only 8 hours of classes a week. In both cases you should know your timetable, and not only when you have class, but also what type of classes and how they are distributed between your subjects.

2. If you work try to understand your shifts, if they’re going to stay the same at least for a term, or try to understand how many hours you’re expected to work each week, especially for flexible jobs.

3. Look up your training times if you do sports or would you like to start a new one.

4. Create your personal timetable for your ideal week. I like to start doing this on the computer, so I can shuffle things around as much as I want until I’m happy, and then copy everything on paper to be able to have it somewhere I can always see easily. I also like to use different colours for study, work, sport and personal time.

a. Copy your uni timetable into your personal one. Now add your work time. If you do something flexible just fill up the hours you’re supposed to work when you’d like the most. This is just your ideal week, remember.

b. Add time to do sport. Even if you’re not a sport-person try to leave yourself time for some physical activity, and time for yourself.

c. Add your study time. This is super important. If you do something in the humanities like me, you might find yourself with only 6 hours of class. Don’t let this trick you: remember you’re a full time student which means that if you only have 6 hours in the classroom you will need to spend many more studying on your own. Write that down. Last year I made this very big mistake not to write down on my schedule the time I was supposed to keep for studying, and I filled up all the rest with other things, leaving myself no time to be a student if not when I was too tired to open a book anyway. Be smarter: write down the study-time you need for each subject. You might already know it, or there might be an indication of it on the course description.

d. Keep your evenings free. There are three reasons for this: 1) if something comes up or something changes, and you find yourself with the need to catch up something urgent, you still have your evening free; 2) During university it might become more difficult to organise with your friends for example: if your evenings free, you’ll always be ready for a pizza together; 3) Trust me, you will be tired and you need some time with nothing to do.

e. Keep a whole day free: this is the day for yourself. It could be the Sunday for example. Leaving a day for yourself is very important for all the things you might forget when thinking about your timetable, like the laundry or tidying up your flat, but also just for self-care and for those hobbies and projects you care about (like a blog).

f. Remember you also need time to get to a place. And time to eat.

And here we go: you probably got a colourful super full timetable right now. Your aim is to have a balanced one as well. Looking at that timetable should make you feel proud and safe that you know what you’re doing and you got this. Make sure you make time for yourself and what you like: you deserve it, and without it you won’t be able to be at your best for all the rest.

Now keep in mind this is just an ideal week! Which means it is your master-timetable, all balanced and perfect. When you’ll be planning you week you’ll be able to see if you’re keeping your balance. If you have a flexible job, you might working at different times every week. If you end up working at a time you were supposed to study or to go to the gym, then you will know what to do instead in the time you had planned to work!

Last but not least: you can now download my ideal week printable! Check it out and tag me in your photos using it!

Ciao ciao


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