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Becoming a morning person: Why and... will I ever be able to do it?

I am the anti-morning person. And changing that is not going to be easy, but challenges are my favourite hobby.

I am the anti-morning person. I just love sleeping. I could sleep till midday, have a 2-hour nap in the afternoon and still sleep all night. Caffeine can’t stop me either. I could sleep anywhere as well, train, bus, airplane, sofa, bed, all the same.

Now you may wonder: how can a person like this become a morning person?

That is a good question.

And that is what this short series of posts will be about: can such an anti-morning person become a morning person in 4 weeks?

I’m sure among you there will be other sleep-lovers who will also be wondering: WHY? Why in the world would anyone give up any sleep time for anything else.

I used to think the same. This year, however, I often had my mornings, or at least my early mornings, free, and I often used those mornings to catch up some sleep (or just to add some).

And I struggled.

I struggled because if not waking up before what was necessary was ok during high school and if I wanted or needed to do anything extra I could simply do it after dinner, when you come back home after having tutored online, gone to university and worked a 5-hour shift, thinking to come back home and still having the energy to do anything more productive than watching TV-series is just wrong. Rest. Use your night to rest.

But when it did happen to me to wake up early, get out and start being productive from a decent time (especially during exam time, when I worked less too), I was just surprised by all those extra hours I had per day. “So much time!” I would say and my friends would laugh at me, even if they are not really morning people either.

Without even talking about all the times I read or watched videos about morning routines and becoming a morning person. I had tried, but then used the excuse of being a night-owl to go back to my old habits.

Time management is one of those things I want and need to improve for next year (do you want to know why? Read it here!). I need more time, and to do so I need to change my habits: going to sleep earlier (that extra episode can wait) and waking up earlier.

This summer I started an internship, which means I am leaving to go to work between 7:30 and 7:45, but also that I am coming home pretty tired. If I want to do something more, to work on some of my projects, and don’t rely only on my weekends (so, you know, I can actually rest and relax), I need to gain at least a free 30 minutes in the morning. The jump is big. Very big. Also because the challenge is not just to get up, but to actually wake up and start doing things.

Will I be able to do it?

Let me know in the comments if you ever tried to be a morning person! Maybe you are already one, or you’re more like me. What do you think about this idea?

Un grande abbraccio


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