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Becoming a morning person | WEEK 4

What these 4 weeks taught me and my next steps

4 weeks have passed. Am I a morning person?

No, not yet.

But the most important thing I feel to have learnt this time is that IT'S OK.

I improved a lot, and I knew that 4 weeks would have been only the first 4 weeks anyway, because here we're talking about habits to increase my productivity and become the person I want to be in the long term.

In these 4 weeks I improved so much. Not only I am waking up early, I had to do that anyway, but I am waking up earlier, only for myself.

I'll give you un update for sure in the future on how this morning habit will be working out and hopefully helping me in ruling my life. But for now, I feel that the most important thing I can tell you about becoming a morning person for real, and that often bloggers and youtubers forget to mention is this: it takes time.

And if you are an anti-morning person like me, here I am, it can even take more than a month to be able not only to wake up early, but to actually being productive constantly every morning.

But working for a change in your life in order to achieve what you dream and become the person you want to be, without giving up but accepting your limits, respecting your needs and your body and being proud of yourself for every improvement not matter how small, this is the great thing I've learnt and I've been able to do in these 4 weeks, for the first time in my life in a conscious way.

This is me ruling my life.

And it's amazing.

Un grande abbraccio


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