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Becoming a morning person | WEEK 3

Wait… am I actually making it?

I didn’t improve in the first days of this week, and on Tuesday morning I was talking to my mom trying to figure out WHAT I needed to wake me up. Because when in bed, the alarm would go off and I would have stayed in bed, eyes closed, trying to convince myself and motivate myself with all the good reasons, but everything in vain. Until the moment in which I HAD to get up arrived, and having slept well it wouldn’t take me much to become also active and productive. But always too late to do more than the necessary.

And talking to someone about it made me realise it how it easy the answer was: it was the getting up. Leaving the wonderful bed and not going back to it.

I also reckoned that a good glass of water was very helpful, as well as putting my contact lenses on.

I never liked the idea to have the phone with the alarm set in another room. The main reason is that not living alone this solution means waking up everyone. No, not an option. Getting insults as first thing in the morning is not what I’m after. Few years ago my best friend had got me one of those alarms with wheels that can run around the room, so you have to get up to catch it and turn it off, even if I have to admit that I had become quite good at catching it even before it started moving. Unfortunately that alarm clock is in London right now in a box in a storage room. But that would have been a good solutions, I just had to position it too far from the bed for me to catch it before… and so I realised it! The solution was so easy all this time: I just had to place my phone far enough that I need to roll out of bed to go get it!

So I tried: phone just out of reach, and water bottle next to it.

And so I did it: for the rest of the week I woke up and GOT UP at 5:30! Even on Saturday.

I’m very happy of my progress. But it’s not over yet. I’ve still been quite slow and didn’t accomplish too much except some work out during that extra hour and a half I got. Week 4 will all be about creating a productive routine.

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