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Becoming a morning person | WEEK 2

Week 2 aka the week in which I improved, but I’m still quite far.

Half way through my 4 weeks to become a morning person, I can proudly say there have been days in which I thought I could actually do this. I’m still not really getting up and being productive at 6, but I am going to sleep earlier. Most days at 23:30 I was sleeping or just about to sleep. This helped me so much (is anyone surprised?).

The first alarm was at 5:30 this week, which allowed the second alarm at 6 to actually wake me up. The motivation however to make me get up as well however was still missing most days.

One day I have been very productive: I actually had some work to finish, and at 6 I was active on my laptop, finishing and sending emails at 6:30. On Thursday I still managed to miss all my alarms and to get up at 7:25, repeating the miracle and not arriving too late in the office (somehow).

What’s missing? What is the next step?

That famous motivational and inspirational morning routine is my guess. If there was something I had to do, I did it.

Since I started some online courses, and only the idea of time to work out and plan my day is not enough to get me going, I’m thinking to allow only the morning for those online courses.

Work-out, getting ready, online courses, organising my day and breakfast with my parents.

Will this work? Let me know what you think about this and what you would do (or already do!) to be motivated early in the morning.

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