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5 ways to have a productive summer break

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Summer break. The perfect time to start ruling your life.

Summer break is that time of the year we all students wait for, some of us already since September (I do). Once summer arrives, we get all excited about all the free time we finally have, and all the great things we can finally achieve.

But how many of us have found themselves half way through a summer spent at home with nothing accomplished except maybe for having finished a lot of TV series?

Of course we deserve to rest, finally, and we can’t complain too much for having nothing to do, but if you too have ever felt like you have been wasting your time, these are 5 ideas to feel productive again while still taking our time off to relax.

1. Create new habits. Without the stress of our term-life, we have finally time to focus more on ourselves. Maybe you want to start a work-out routine, or to become a morning person (like me, read about it here), or just to eat in a healthier way. I find that summer is a great moment to start a new life-style habit, because often the most difficult thing is to start. Who has time to even think when we have time to go to the gym? But if we get used to work out, and it becomes a habit for us, then it will be much easier for us to continue during the winter.

2. Read. Some people read a lot throughout the whole year, but for example I can’t really do that. Even if I used to love reading, with all the readings I should be doing for my classes I rarely get the chance to read anything else, and even if I had the chance to read something I wouldn’t because I know I should be reading some academic literature instead. But summer is a great time to finally catch up with that book that has been waiting for our time all winter. And at least we are not on Netflix.

3. Learn something new. In the same way we finally have time to read something new and for us only, we can also learn something new. It could be how to play an instrument (my best friend taught himself how to play the guitar last summer), or how to bake (your family will be very happy), a new language, or really anything you wish you had time to learn during the year, but you never had the chance. Here it comes the summer. This is your chance.

4. Online learning. A flexible and great way I just discovered to learn something new is online learning. There are so many different platforms online that allow you to follow webinars to learn about all kind of different topics. Some are free (we’re still students with a student budget after all), for some other you need to pay, especially for those who offer a certificate/qualification at the end. I love this because you can really tailor it to your needs, and learn while travelling too. Plus it gives you the chance to study something different from your degree and without the pressure that the university environment sometimes puts on us.

5. Follow that dream. You know what I am talking about. That one project, that one dream about which maybe you don’t even talk much. It could be writing a book, starting a blog or a YouTube channel, you finally have time to do all the research you need and to start it. Maybe you want to work for that dream job, and summer is the perfect time to have an internship. Or maybe you want to save money for something you’ve always dreamt about that is just way too expensive normally, so you could find a summer job near home, to save your income. Summer break is giving you the chance and the time to work on whatever you dream of.

I believe summer is the best time of the year for students because it is YOUR time: you can finally focus on yourself, whatever your heart wishes for. If you have been waiting all year to get up and start becoming the person you want to be, then summer with its long days and free time is giving you that chance: relax, take care of yourself (physical and mental health), and go and start ruling your life.

Un grande abbraccio


P.S. Bonus tip: you can still use your summer to prepare for your next semester… but you already know this, let me know in the comments if you ever did!

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